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Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong Match Preview

Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong Match Preview

Today, we are going to discuss about the upcoming match between Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong for the ICC T20 world cup 2016. It is the first match between these teams and it is shaping up to be an awesome one. We all know that both teams are highly qualified and are very good. Cricket this year is going to be spectacular one for the fans of this sport. Zimbabwe and Hong Kong has been active recently by going on for many tours and face many teams at the same time. With that said both teams comes to a conclusion by facing each other. In a recent interview both team captains were present and share their side of story how they are preparing for the upcoming match.

  • Both captains interview:

Zimbabwe team captain said that it’s been a whole new experience for us in the recent years after playing cricket for so long and I am looking forward to our match against Hong Kong team. T20 is the perfect platform for all the teams to show their true potential how much capable they are. We are confident and hope to win the match with our efforts. I am definitely looking forward for our first encounter.

Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong match preview

Whereas, Hong Kong team captain also said that cricket is the game of sportsmanship and we have been playing it for longer time. even if we are new and have limited experience but our determination is higher than ever and me and whole team of mine is looking to become the first ICC T20 champions and as far Zimbabwe goes they are good indeed but they are in for a fight of their lives.

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  • When will take place?

The match between Zimbabwe vs. Hong Kong will take place on 8th March 2016 in Nagpur stadium, India.


They have made no new changes they are going with their old lineup and it will be fair to see them going how they will do in their old lineup. A few possible changes are been made for the bowlers and fielders department and that is all for them right now.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong has made slightly changes in their batting lineup and their bowling and fielding sections remains the same as usual. They have certainly improved their cricket skills in the practice sessions recently.

We will post all the highlights of the match on our website. If you are the fan of cricket then get ready for the amazing upcoming matches the whole month of March. Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong match is shaping up to be the memorable one because this is the first match of the tournament as well.

For more information and latest news and updates on cricket action keep visiting our website and if you are fan of both teams then you certainly won’t want to miss this great match.

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