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Salman Butt force Muhammad Amir for spot fixing

Salman Butt force Muhammad Amir for spot fixing

Former chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Ejaz Butt said that Salman Butt force Muhammad Amir for spot fixing so he should be ban for life time in cricket.

Remember that ban is lifting from trice Pakistani players on 1st Sep, when spot fixing issue raised Ejaz Butt was the chairman of PCB.

Ejaz Butt said that trice players face punishment in Britain in spot fixing case who were involve in spot fixing case, but they should be punished in Pakistan also. And Pakistan should never allow Salman Butt for playing cricket, and other both cricketers should be under observation about their behavior and action.

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Ejaz Butt said that he would be the PCB chairman for now, will never allow Salman Butt to play cricket, because he was leading in spot fixing. Muhammad Asif was also involved but Muhammad Amir involved by Salman Butt by force because he was younger in all.

Ejaz Butt said that I have tried a lot to teach Amir, he inform him about all case and accept his mistake but he refuse all the time. And he favors Pakistani Lawyer instead of British woman Lawyer.

Ejaz Butt said Mazhar Majeed who seems to work as an agent of cricketers was in contact with Pakistani players since long time and every cricket said that senior’s cricketers introduce Mazhar Majeed with them.

Ejaz Butt said that in spot fixing scandal all mistake was of Pakistani cricketers and as Chairman of Pakistan cricket board I accept responsibility in all case.

Ejaz Butt said that he is ready to share confidential information about this case also today.

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