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Punished cricketers cannot comeback quickly

Punished cricketers cannot comeback quickly

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shahryar Khan said that Pakistani Players Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir punished in Spot Fixing case, said that it is impossible that these player will come back soon in International cricket, they must have to play Grade 2 cricket first then they can play first class cricket.

Shahryar Khan said that in BBC interview these players were the reason in defaming Pakistan and Pakistani nation is angry with them and most of the players also angry with them, so we have to observe that our people and players accept them or not?

Shahryar Khan said that it is impossible these players did not play for 5 years and now they will be selected for National team. They have to fulfill the rules and regulations by Anti Corruption unit of ICC then have to play grade-2 cricket and then they can play First class cricket.

Punished cricketers cannot comeback quickly
Shahryar Khan said that it is unquestionable that these players were under observation for National team selection, it is far away to say that Pakistan team management and team players have issues with them.

Remember restrictions of spot fixing case on Pakistani players Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Amir and Salman Butt are finishing on 1st September.

Muhammad Amir accept his crime on the initial stage of punishment and participate in ICC restoration program, so due to changing in rules and regulations of Anti corruption unit Muhammad Amir was permitted to play Grade-2 cricket on the start of January and he will be participate in National T20 event from Rawalpindi.

Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir delayed to accept his crimes so they have to participate in restoration program by ICC after finishing their sanctions in which they have to lecture in every province of the country and accept his crime in front of everyone.

Updated: Aug 25, 2015 — 7:11 pm

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