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No Issue of Australian Player Families

No Issue of Australian Player Families

Australian Cricket Coach Daren Lehman said that he will not stop player families for travel with them. Australian Coach Answered after discouraging him on media due to Player wives and because of their children, players were lost their attention in game and lost the ashes 2015 series in England.

Coach Daren Lehman claims that some players spend 3 to 4 days hardly with their families at home since last December. He said I don’t think in other games players are living out of the home for this type of long time.

Australian Coach wrote an article for Cricket Australia said that he cannot favor a system in which player’s Wives, Girlfriends and their families are bound to meet with them, when our players and staff are out of the home for the long time.
He said that in long tours wives presence may reduce some tension and became a normal player.

No Issue of Australian Player Families Daren Lehman take over coaching position in 2013 of Australian team, Australia also wins 2015 ICC ODI cricket world cup in the coaching of Daren Lehman, which were played in Australia. But now Australia’s test team lost ashes series in this season.

England leads the ashes 2015 by 3-1 and one test match is remaining in ashes. In 4th test match Australian team was out on just for 60 runs and after this performance former Australia wicket keeper raise a question “did player wives allowed during the tours of cricket team?”
Heli said that in BBC test match special program then took wrong my discussion on player’s wives & cricket team tours.
He said that when your wife is present you cannot implement on your planning as compared to when your wife is not present and you implement your planning properly and add more focus and attention on the game, we have to change this style in cricket.
If players are going for dinner together when their wives are not present, it should also be continued when their wives are present, if this is not happening then their attention is diverting.

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He said that player and their wives should prove that there is no effect on performance, if they are together in tour.
On the other hand chairman of selection committee of Cricket Australia Shaun Marsh said that during ashes series batting performance was shameful.

He discourages middle order of Australian team on the talking of website Cricket.com.au and also said that how you will see this world’s best batsmen could not run score in their first innings. This is worried point for me.

Updated: Aug 13, 2015 — 6:12 pm

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