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IPL Spot Fixing Decision to file Petition against Sirisanth

IPL Spot Fixing: Decision to file Petition against Sirisanth

New Delhi: Delhi Police decided to file a petition against former Test fast bowler Sirisanth and other two colleague players in the context of they cleared in the lower court in spot fixing case.

Special commissioner S.N. Sirivativ said Police keen view of the trial court and decided that they will file a petition in the end of this month.

Sirivastive said on Saturday during discussion with journalists “Court appreciate us because of disclosing dirt in game especially in IPL.” We have many proofs to file a petition, these players freed just because there is no special law for spot fixing.

ipl spot fixingRemember that Sirisanth, Ajit Chhandella and Ankit Chvan players of Rajhistan Royals were arrested in 2013 along with many bookies. Revealed in Police Investigation thrice players perform badly just for money.

32 year old Sirisanth who played 27 test matches for India perform badly for million dollars in an IPL match intentionally.

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Last month Trial court free they all just because there is no law for Spot Fixing and they could not do anything against them.

Usually, Gambling is illegal in India, but gamble in cricket amount is very high, Broadcast in whole world the IPL league is controversial since its first edition.

Updated: Aug 15, 2015 — 10:40 am

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