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Indo-Pak Series: ICC surrenders in this matter

Indo-Pak Series: ICC surrenders in this matter

ICC president Zaheer Abbas clear that ICC cannot do anything in the matter of revival of Indo-Pak series, because this is bilateral matter.

During media talks in Lahore Zaheer Abbas said that revival of Indo-Pak series matter of both countries, if both countries are willing then series will be happen but ICC can’t do anything in this matter.

He said “Better relationships can’t becomes in a day, that takes time to come on track. However for the promotion of cricket it is necessary to play both neighboring countries to each other, Indo-Pak series in the eyes of whole world, that series should be happen.”

india-pak series
Before this Pakistan cricket board chairman Shahryar Khan said that due to cancellation of dialogue between India and Pakistan there is very rare chances of Indo-Pak series.

Shahryar khan was quite hopeful with dialogues but now he lost his hopes but not struggles, and trying to remind to Modi where he said that we will play cricket whether dialogue happens or not.

Zaheer Abbas said about revival of cricket in Pakistan when in Pakistan conditions will be better then definitely International cricket teams will come to play cricket in Pakistan.
Zaheer Abbas said about spot fixing scandal members, this is based on PCB what they did for them, and what they decide for their future.

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