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Indo-Pak Series: BIG-3 vote could not effect decision

Indo-Pak Series: BIG-3 vote could not effect decision

Former chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Khalid Mahmood believes that India will not play cricket series with Pakistan, even Pakistan give BIG-3 vote to them on the basis of playing cricket with us.

Khalid Mahmood said in British news channel if India denies to play cricket with us now he is not surprised to see that because whenever riots between both countries India always hurt cricket first.

Khalid Mahmood reminds that in 1999 there were breakages in BCCI president office to stop tour of Pakistan cricket team to India.

Indo-Pak Series
He said that wicket of Feroz Shah Kotla was damaged to stop the series, at that time president of ICC house also under attacked. He added that Indian extremist always pressurize their governments and now that is ruling party which win elections on the basis of Pakistan against campaign.

Khalid Mahmood said that India was trusted to play cricket regularly with Pakistan and in this matter Pakistan give its vote to them, at least that time chairman of PCB told us.

Khalid Mahmood said that Pakistan cricket board should continue struggles to play cricket with India but they should adopt reasonable way in this matter. If India is not ready to play cricket with Pakistan so we should not waste time to follow them.

He said that it was very sad to hear that PCB chairman wrote a letter to BCCI Secretary instead of his counterpart BCCI chairman.

Updated: Sep 5, 2015 — 6:09 am

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