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France is Cricket Inventor not England

France is Cricket Inventor not England

London: Normally said that Cricket is start from England in 1550 and played in Goldfield but first time in History Documentation proof of 1589 get from the report of Royal Grammar School written by their children but this time a new claim by History man’s.

According to that history man’s Cricket did not played in England and also that is not inventor of Cricket. A letter wrote to King Louis eleven 80 years before England in 1478 include the discussion of Cricket.

A letter sent from a young man wrote that some people played this game in North France town Litterers, When some other player stays there to watch game then a player shout and said that why you are steering our ball. They quarreled and a man was died.

France is Cricket Inventor not England
After this reveal France tourism department feel the chance to get beneficial and announce a cricket ground in a village named Litterers and also announce the cricket tournament among different clubs next month.

Remember that England claims that, they are the inventor of this famous game but this is first time in history reveals that Cricket is discussed in a letter by young man and approximately 80 years before in 1478.

Updated: Sep 3, 2015 — 10:21 am

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