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First Uprising against monopoly of BIG 3

First Uprising against monopoly of BIG 3

London: Before the 5th test of Ashes series between England Vs Australia dozens of protestors protest against the monopoly of England, Australia and India on the world of cricket.

This protest starts by the Soyem Kollins and Jerad Cumber the partner directors of documentary film “Death of Gentleman.”

This Documentary film targets the England, Australia and India on the takeover on Cricket and criticizes them seriously and harshly.

First Uprising against monopoly of BIG 3

Conservative party law expert was also the part of this protest, where 3 minute silence adopted for England, Australia and India 1 minute for each.

Death of Gentleman charges that there is not clean and clear system in international cricket where President of BCCI Sri Navasin, English Board president Jayles Clark and Australian chairman Adwards working and running cricket matters for the benefit of their own countries and countries are hand to mouth for their survival.

In Documentary movie shows that 52% revenue is under these three countries, remaining 102 countries access just for 48% revenue, however test cricket is ignoring just because of short term cricket.

With this entire where whole world extend their games but ICC probing limits in cricket world cup and don’t want to participate in Olympics.

Demon Collins member of culture, Media and Games committee in “House of Common” of England present structure of cricket is actually harmful for cricket.

This is harmful for cricket and I will approach to game committee and said to ask Jayles Clark what is his role in all of this.

Updated: Aug 21, 2015 — 8:32 pm

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